Poking at the keyboard with one hand and capturing photogenic particulars with the other, I am a writer residing where my fictional characters live. Three years ago when this novel idea took hold of my imagination I wanted to locate the story in an area of great beauty and spiritual connectedness–thus Ann’s tale of dogs and ducks, war-zone and home-front, blueberries and aprons was born in Bayfield.


The novel has expanded to Bayfield County as I discover more about this region and the people who live here intentionally, drawn by adventure and passion nonexistent in the safe suburban setting from which I came. I grew up in a small, rural county in northern California that existed on tourism, logging and mining. The day I arrived in Bayfield County my heart beat wha-whomp, then regulated to the familiar rhythms of a scenic county tucked up in a quilt of God’s majesty.


Bayfield Co. Chronicles are merely experiential research to augment the details of my novel in progress. But reader beware—you may fall in love with Bayfield County, too!


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