DaLou’s Bistro

There is pizza, and then there is wood-fired pizza. The difference is that when you eat dairy-free (like my son-in-law, Drew) or gluten-free (like my daughter, Allison) this is the kind of food for which they will disregard dietary restrictions for a special occasion.

Mothers Day qualifies as special. My son Kyle was visiting us in Washburn, and we had spent the afternoon romping in the course quartz sand at Sioux Beach with the two German Short-haired Pointers. We worked up an appetite for it is recommended to show up at Dalou’s hungry!

To my bubbly delight, Dalou’s serves Proseco. We started there and moved on to puff pastry served with roast garlic (entire heads of garlic from the belly of the wood-fired oven). As if that weren’t spectacular enough, we ordered Kasseri Flambe–flaming Greek cheese plated while blazing. Tearing off chunks of puff pastry, we mopped up the molten cheese and squeezed the garlic paste upon each bite. <Insert heavy sigh here.>

Greens are ever important, so we ordered a Greek salad which was plenty big enough for all of us to share–the kalamata olives were tangy as the house dressing. By this time our pizzas arrived. We ordered two: the Margherita, Alli and Drew’s favorite, with fresh basil and the Jerk Chicken, my choice, with spicy chicken and jerk sauce. We were in pizza love!

A full meal, well worth busting dietary restrictions of all sorts, as well as the seams of our britches. We did box left-overs, but we were not finished. Since we could not decide upon a dessert to share we ordered four: creme brulee, turtle cake with Tahitian vanilla gelato, lemon gelato with massive wafer, and banana cream pie with a side dish–yes a dish–of caramel. The desserts are made from scratch on premise and are worth their weight in drool.

Next time you visit Bayfield County, WI get fired up for great food at DaLou’s! Hours and seating are limited so call ahead or go online. Be sure to like them on FaceBook.


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